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Wicked Botanicals

Wicked Botanicals Loose Leaf Tea Floral Digestion

Wicked Botanicals Loose Leaf Tea Floral Digestion

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This herbal blend is great for the digestive tract and is intended to help protect. This beautiful bouquet blend makes for a very mild licorice taste that is not overpowering. Add an extra dash of intent when drinking your cup of tea.


Fennel, Licorice, Butterfly Blue Pea Flower, Anise, Nettle, Jasmine, Rosehip, Currants, Hibiscus

Each bag is 50g & makes approximately 20 cups of tea, but each cup may be brewed 2x.

Steeping Time: 4-5 minutes @ 100C

Timing is everything Darling! Be mindful to steep your tea as instructed. A special potion takes special care, and just like our emotions, letting your tea leaves sit and brew too long can make your lovely tea turn bitter; And we don't need that!

Plant Oracle:

Both the stems and leaves of the nettle plant have stinging and non stinging plant hairs on them called trichomes. The stinging trichomes have tips on them that break off when touched or bushed against roughly, and a mix of acetylcholine, formic acid, histamine, and serotonin is released. When dealing with stinging nettle, it is this chemical mix that gives our skin a stinging sensation and a rash.

Nettle offers a powerful message that sometimes your energy is not meant to be given freely to everyone, so protect it wisely. For those who take the time to understand, be patient with, and be gentle with her, the nettle plant offers to share her healing gifts. However, for those who simply want to take, without mindfulness, empathy, or care, a sting is warranted and is given fairly. Give your gifts and love to those deserving, and protect your energy from those who are only worthy of a sting.

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