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Wicked Botanicals

Wicked Botanicals Biodegradable English Breakfast

Wicked Botanicals Biodegradable English Breakfast

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No frills or fancies, this classic English Breakfast blend knows that sometimes basic black is the way to go.


English Breakfast Black Tea

Each bag is 44g and includes 15 biodegradable tea bags

Steeping Time: 3 minutes @ 100C

Timing is everything Darling! Be mindful to steep your tea as instructed. A special potion takes special care, and just like our emotions, letting your tea leaves sit and brew too long can make your lovely tea turn bitter; And we don't need that!

Plant Oracle:

Tea has been included in talismans to give the bearer courage and strength. An interesting thing about the tea plant is that it can survive in any soil type. However, it takes at least two years to grow before any harvesting of the plant is done. Tea maintains its strength and determination for two years, consistently focusing on sending all its energy to the top shoot, and allowing it to grow strong and stable.

Black tea offers the message that you must have strength in the form of patience and unwavering consistency toward your goal. If something seems to not be happening in your life fast enough, hold firm - be strong - and hold onto your goal and mission. You have the ability and tools needed to see this through! This is a challenge you can overcome with a little bit of planning, consistency, and faith in your strength. Keep going!

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