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Wicked Botanicals

Wicked Botanicals Biodegradable Bagged Tea Peppermint

Wicked Botanicals Biodegradable Bagged Tea Peppermint

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Sometimes you need a refresh! Peppermint tea is great for upset stomachs, and for purifying and refreshing the mind, body, and soul.

Ingredients: Peppermint

Each bag is 28g and includes 15 biodegradable tea bags

Steeping Time: 4-5 minutes @ 100C

Timing is everything Darling! Be mindful to steep your tea as instructed. A special potion takes special care, and just like our emotions, letting your tea leaves sit and brew too long can make your lovely tea turn bitter; And we don't need that!

Plant Oracle:

Peppermint has long been used in purification spells. This aromatic plant is said to invigorate any space, and release it of negative energies. Peppermint can help to refresh and recharge you, and can help boost your spirit. This plant is known to grow rampant when it starts growing, and can overtake other plants and garden bed spaces. It is wise to plant peppermint where you can manage this tendency.

Peppermint offers the message that some times you need a major refresh. Take a moment to clean everything off your metaphorical plate that doesn't serve you anymore and start envisioning what you want your fresh start to look like. A refresh moment has the ability to allow you to come up with great new ideas and solutions. Like Peppermint, a new way of going about things doesn't take long to thrive after it gets going.

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