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Lake and Forest Collective

Rose Citron Toothpaste

Rose Citron Toothpaste

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RoseCitron Toothpaste at Lake and Forest Collectives Refillery offers an eco-conscious dental care solution. Available in a 150g bottle, please note that it includes a $1.99 charge for the bottle, which can be refilled in-store.

Choose from two refreshing flavors, Frosted Mint and Banana, with a fluoride-free formula enriched with 25% Xylitol and coconut oil. This combination effectively fights gum disease and prevents cavities.

RoseCitron Toothpaste is suitable for the whole family, including children, ensuring a natural, eco-friendly approach to oral health at just $49.95 per kilogram. Please remember that it's not available for shipping, but you can conveniently opt for local delivery or pickup. Make the sustainable choice for your smile and the environment with RoseCitron Toothpaste.

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