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Lake and Forest Collective

Pure Dish Soap

Pure Dish Soap

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Pure Dish Soap, available at Lake and Forest Collectives Refillery, is your eco-conscious choice for sparkling clean dishes. Our biodegradable dish soap is tough on grease and grime while being gentle on the environment and your skin and is septic safe.

Choose from two options: a refreshing lemon-scented version or a fragrance-free Unscented version to suit your preferences. We offer a 1-liter Mason Jar option that qualifies for our $2 jar exchange program, allowing you to return the jar for a refund or exchange it in-store. Additionally, there's a 500ml option available in a Pure Dish Soap bottle for $2.19, designed specifically for refills in-store, contributing to a more sustainable approach to dishwashing.

Please note that shipping isn't available, but you can conveniently pick up your Pure Dish Soap in-store, ensuring a greener and cleaner kitchen while supporting your local community. Make the eco-friendly choice with Pure Dish Soap from Lake and Forest Collectives Refillery.

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