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Lake and Forest Collective

Pure Fabric Softener

Pure Fabric Softener

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Pure Fabric Softener, available at Lake and Forest Collectives Refillery, is the eco-conscious solution for your laundry needs. This biodegradable fabric softener is safe for babies, sensitive skin, and septic systems, ensuring a gentle yet effective softening of your clothes.

Pure Fabric Softener comes in two convenient sizes: a 1-liter mason jar with a $2 deposit that can be refunded or exchanged in-store and a 2.3-liter refillable Pure Softener Bottle complete with a handy measuring cup, which includes a $3.49 charge for the plastic bottle. Please note that the 2.3L bottle is not available for refund or exchange but can be refilled in-store, making it a sustainable choice.

While shipping isn't available, you can effortlessly pick up your fabric softener in-store or opt for local delivery, keeping your laundry routine eco-friendly and supporting your local community. Choose Pure Fabric Softener for a cleaner, greener way to keep your clothes soft and gentle on your loved ones and the planet.

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