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Lake and Forest Collective

Oneka Hand & Body Wash

Oneka Hand & Body Wash

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Oneka Hand & Body Wash, available at Lake and Forest Collectives Refillery, offers an eco-conscious, all-natural cleansing solution for your skin. With a variety of refreshing scents (Lavender and Angelic, Cedar and Sage, Goldenseal and Citrus, Unscented), Oneka Hand & Body Wash comes in convenient 500 ml mason jars, now available with optional pumps for easy dispensing.

When you purchase the pre-filled 500 ml jars, you pay for the wash and just an additional $2 for the reusable jar. Once your jar is empty, you have the choice of a $2 refund or exchanging it for another pre-filled jar—a sustainable choice that's kind to your wallet and the environment.

All scents are suitable for all skin types.

Mason Jar pumps are available here.

Pre-filled Mason jars are exclusively available for $5 local delivery or free in-store pickup. Shipping options are not currently available, ensuring a locally-focused, eco-friendly approach to your skin care needs.

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