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Wicked Botanicals

Makeup Remover and Toner by Wicked Botanicals 4oz

Makeup Remover and Toner by Wicked Botanicals 4oz

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Unleash the enchantment of Wicked Botanicals' Makeup Remover and Toner—a mystical elixir that delicately washes away war paint, unveiling the true beauty of bare skin. This transformative blend is a testament to love and rejuvenation, leaving behind a touch of magic without any harsh chemicals.

Embrace the extraordinary self-care experience as you envision shedding masks and embracing authentic beauty. Allow your inherent radiance to shine through, for you are a mesmerizing work of art deserving of admiration and self-appreciation.

With a gentle shake, this makeup remover and toner awakens its magic, combining potent ingredients into a spellbinding elixir. Whether applied to a cotton pad or spritzed across the face, the mystical mist embraces your skin, carrying away impurities and leaving behind a renewed sense of freshness.

Crafted with the harmonious blend of jojoba oil, alcohol-free witch hazel, and distilled water, this alchemical creation nourishes, tones, and caresses your skin. Experience the mystical properties that gently cleanse and hydrate, leaving your skin soft, refreshed, and ready to embrace its inherent magic.

Embrace the enchanting allure of Wicked Botanicals' Makeup Remover and Toner—a potion that liberates your skin while rekindling the spark of self-love and authenticity. Let it unveil your truest self and embrace the captivating transformation it brings.

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