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Wicked Botanicals

Face Scrub by Wicked Botanicals

Face Scrub by Wicked Botanicals

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Discover the gentle touch of Wicked Botanicals' Face Scrub. This delightful scrub is specially formulated to pamper your skin while leaving a captivating scent. With its versatile application, you can mix it with your favorite cleanser or simply use it with water for a refreshing experience.

Crafted with care, the Face Scrub contains a blend of nourishing ingredients. Kaolin Clay helps to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin, while Earl Grey Black Tea infuses it with antioxidants. Lavender Buds add a soothing touch, creating a truly indulgent skincare ritual.

Each jar contains 20g of this enchanting face scrub, ensuring you have a lasting supply for your pampering sessions. Treat yourself to a sensory journey with Wicked Botanicals' Face Scrub and unveil the radiance of your skin.

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