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Erin’s Eco Adventure

Beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps

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Step into sustainability with Erin's Eco Adventure Beeswax Food Wraps—a plastic-free alternative to plastic wrap. Crafted with 100% cotton fabric soaked in beeswax and pine resin, these wraps are reusable and plastic-free. Choose from the Beginner pack (1 wrap - 13x13 inches, 1 wrap - 9x9 inches, and 1 wrap - 11x11 inches), Go Big or Go Home pack (3 wraps - 13x13 inches), or One of Each pack (1 wrap - 13x13 inches, 1 wrap - 11x11 inches, 1 wrap - 9x9 inches, and 1 wrap - 5x5 inches). Mold the wraps over food items for a secure seal, and enjoy their freshness for approximately 8-12 months. Care for them with cold water and mild soap. Join the eco-conscious movement and wrap your way to a greener kitchen today!

All packs come in assorted patterns. 

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