We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality natural health & beauty and cleaning products. All of our refillery products are sold by weight. We offer free recycled containers to fill or customers can bring in their own clean containers to fill with their product of choice. All our refillery products are made in Canada by Canadian businesses.

The refillery is Fridays and Saturdays from 10-4 and Sundays from 11-4 until construction is finished on our larger space. The refillery will be closed for a weekend in the late spring to finish renovations for our full store. 

Our Products 


All of our Oneka products comes in Unscented, Lavender & Angelica, Cedar & Sage and Goldenseal Citrus

Shampoo and Conditioner  $0.73/oz 

Hand & Body Wash $0.66/oz          Body Lotion $1.48/oz

Hand & Body wash and Body Lotion display

Dom's Deodorant

Our Dom's Deodorant comes in 3 scents of Bright, Calm and Clear as well as an unscented Nude. 

Deodorant $.19/g or $5.16/oz 

Rose Citron 

Our Rose and Citron toothpaste comes in Spearmint and Banana and is fluoride free. Rose Citron Facewash comes in one scent of Mint, Grapefruit and Tea Tree. 

Tooth Paste $0.06/g or $1.68/oz             Face wash $0.14/g or $3.92/oz


We currently carry Pure's Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener in unscented, Dish soap in Lemon & Unscented, Toilet Bowl Cleaner in Peppermint and 20% Cleaning Vinegar. 

Laundry Detergent 5.59/kg                   Fabric Softener 3.79/kg


Dish Soap 5.99/kg

Toilet Bowl Cleaner 5.99/kg

Vinegar $7.50/kg


How the refillery works 

Bring your own clean containers to fill product into. We will weigh your containers when you first arrive and when you checkout. You only pay for the product weight and not for packaging.  Reuse shampoo bottles, jars and pump bottles. 
We will have bottles available for purchase if you forgot yours. 

$1 for a 12 oz Bottle 

$0.75 for a 2oz tin

$2.49 for a 500ml Mason Jar

$5.99 for a Standard mouth Mason Jar pump

Free cleaned and reusable bottles from shampoo, soaps etc.


Along with our refillery we carry a variety of plastic free cleaning products here